Some of the different stages that you need to work through to set-up your website to take the first steps required to build your online business successfully. You start here to build your website and this is going to be the focus for your visitors as they view the main content of your posts.

From here I will show you how to implement different techniques and strategies that take a visitor and then turn them into customers and then revenue!

As monetizing your website is your ultimate game plan, but this you have got to do slowly…!

First you get your website up and running and then you help lots of people with their problems before you can start to sell to them…!

Get Started

You start here as you have 4 main stages to go through, that need to be completed as follows;

First; You choose an interest or topic you like or know about, as this will be a great help to you as you progress along the way, especially if this is your first site. (It can be anything you want)

Second; I will help and show you how to build a new website from scratch. “This is actually the easy part see the Domain Name checker below, for free”. Once you get this far you will need to do some work in filling out your site with unique and original content.

This you need to do on a regular bases, at least you should aim to do a new post or article once a week. The more you write for your website and connect to other sources like social media the better your website will rank in the search engines.

Third; I will show you how to step through  the various free Web Masters Tools that help you get ranked very quickly and with organic rankings that help put your website on the map! ( Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter.)

Fourth; You sign up to various affiliate programs that you can make a commission from when you sell any of their goods or services. (You sell stuff that people want.)

To Sell, You First Must HELP! 

One thing that you are going to do is, become an authority within your niche over a short time.

Helping people is good for everybody.

If you help people, they will buy from you. So you need to build a relationship with your visitors, they in turn will buy from you, “as they get to know, like and trust you”. Now that last sentence is worth reading again…?

If you plan to just SELL to people, you will not be able to monetize your traffic nearly as much as may be possible, and soon you will not have a business?

So to get started you need to lay solid foundations for your website, let it get established, reach out to your audience and show them that you care for them, and help them to do what they want to do first.

In return they will reward you, by commenting on your site, in social media areas and by telling their friends about where they can also get help with their online business & website problems. So extending the reach and foot print of your presence on the internet, all this is great stuff as more and more people will get to know about you and follow you on the web.

Would you like to build a free website right now…?

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By having more visitors viewing your website and giving them what they want, is seen by Google and other Search Engines as providing a good user experience!

In return for this the Search Engines will start to raise your rankings, which in turn will bring more free visitors to your website.