Now that your affiliate marketing website is ready to go live, you must figure out how to get traffic to come to it.

It would be a tragedy, after all your hard work, for your site to be up and no one knew about it. So, how do you get your target demographic to pop in for a visit…?

Keep reading to learn the answer to this conundrum.

Unqualified VS Qualified Traffic

Did you know that it is possible to get visitors to your site for a small fee? Before you get too happy, you must realise that ‘all that glitters is not gold.’ In other words, you have no idea what these site visitors real interests are, so you may only end up with a couple of clicks for even ten thousand visitors.

Why would this happen?

The answer is quite simple: these visitors aren’t qualified. That is, they haven’t done anything to show that they would be interested in what your site has to offer. So, although they may be directed there, they will leave immediately because it wasn’t what they were looking for.

Instead, you want the type of paid traffic that has already shown an interest in what your site is about, i.e. qualified traffic, before they set foot on your homepage. In this way, you can be sure that you will be showcasing your links to your target demographic and increase your chances of generating revenue.

Why Should You Qualify Your Traffic?

Qualifying your traffic will help keep your conversion rate high because the majority of its visitors are already interested in it. Plus, in the event that you want to show your conversion rates to prospective clients and other marketers, it makes you look good.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

The price to qualify your traffic varies based on the amount that you are set to make when someone clicks on one of your links and buys something. Monitor your website statistics, this will give you an idea of the percentage of people that purchase products as well as how much you make when this occurs.

For instance, if you know that two out of every 200 visitors will buy something and that every time this happens you earn a $20 commission, then you can assume that the most you can spend to qualify your traffics is $20 for every 200 visitors. If you are able to get 2000 qualified visitors for that $20, then you can expect to spend $20 and turnover $200, a $180 profit.

In Conclusion

It’s possible to get free traffic to your affiliate site, but the time that this process takes will take its toll in other ways. There’s no way around it, paying for qualified traffic is a much quicker and effective method. Still, it’s important that you stay within your budget and monitor your statistics for optimal results…!