We all live in a world powered by technology, computers and communications. Many people wonder how their friends are making huge chunk of dollars from home just by setting up a website and getting commission based compensation through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing means selling products of other companies with your efforts and earn commission on each sale. In this article you will discover the most reliable way of Setting Up a Website that can help you make money from home by utilizing affiliate marketing.

Read on to understand the basics and fundamentals of crafting a website from scratch and setting it up to become a profit generating machine.

Find Your Niche and Define Your Target Market

Pick up a niche and research it carefully because it will help in identifying and defining your target market. Your niche could be something you are really good at or familiar with. You can also pick a niche based on your passion. Now identify the people who might be interested in your niche and write down everything about your target market.

Buy a Domain and Choose a Hosting Service

Brainstorm and choose an attractive and Memorable Domain Name which goes with your niche and complements your content. Go to NameCheap.com and check availability; if it is available, great. If not available, choose another domain name.

Now you have to choose a hosting service where all your website content and data will be stored online. Godaddy BlueHost and Hostgator are top-performing and reliable.

Design Your Website

If you are reading this, I can assume you are not much familiar with coding and web designing. But don’t let that stop you because without any technical development knowledge you can simply pick a theme from WordPress and then customise it according to your needs.

Find and Join an Affiliate Program

Research different affiliate offers that suit your niche and website visitors. Amazon’s affiliate program will be one of your best choices because they sell almost everything and it will be easier to find products related to your niche.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant and Clickbank are also great sources to find affiliate marketing opportunities with good commission. Affiliate programs are free to join and they will ask for your website’s address and Paypal information to transfer the commissions you will earn.

Write Content and Publish

Your website is up, your design looks good, you have registered for affiliate marketing programs and you are now a registered website owner. Congratulations! But the game has just started yet and the primary task is to-be-done i.e. writing great quality content for you website that will literally help your readers.

Choose catchy headlines, always aim for quality and add links to the affiliate products in your content. Also learn some basics of SEO here; it will be very helpful in the long run. And if you don’t want to write at all, hire freelancers from Freelancer.com or Upwork.

Marketing Your Website

This is the most important part that will boost your income and increase visitors on your website. The best and free marketing practices are utilising social media smartly, generating SEO friendly content and email marketing. Email marketing gives best response rates and social media marketing also has great effect if you are posting engaging content with attractive graphics.

However, if you can fund your marketing department, Pay-per-click ads will be the best choice for spending money to get visitors on your website. Once you have managed to increase daily visitors and have good amount of returning visitors, more affiliate programs will come to you.

Initial Startup Costs To Consider

Startup costs are not too much to create a website. The domain will cost you around $10 – $20 a year and web hosting is a monthly expense i.e. $8 – $15 per month. If you are buying a theme for designing your website, a good WordPress theme will cost around $80 (one time purchase).

Now you know, you can set up a great website for just $250 a year and make income from it for a very long time if you stay on track.


After setting up your website, there are no other costs you need to pay except of hosting and domain (annually). If you wish to invest in marketing and generating better quality content, then your costs will increase but the revenue and profits will increase too.

I wish you great luck for starting your online business.