Versions of online success are normally full of embellishments, part-truths or even lies..?

It is astounding the extent individuals will go so as to persuade others that they are genuine, experts and the ones to emulate in order for them to submit money to purchase their item.

I get irritated by tales such as this, as they override the genuine success versions and make individuals lose interest. A lot of honest  individuals exist,  generating good income online, simply through investing in hard work. However, these con-people will soon make the entire Internet be portrayed in a suspicious light.

Online Ambitions;

So as to give people a different picture, I have resolved to provide an Internet marketing success story which is mine. This will not impress a lot of individuals as the cash is not a lot.

But, it portrays the genuineness which exists online and will make others who possess their personal online ambitions optimistic, so  that one day, they too can also offer an Internet marketing success story.

An Internet Marketing Success Story

I recently returned from a brief journey to Europe. I reside in the UK, therefore, it was simple to embark on a short trip. I stayed for 5 nights in Spain and 3 nights in Paris.

It’s good to have a break now and then…

Around 2010, in December, I began creating websites  for others and attempting to generate a small income via the internet, by marketing and building small websites, gradually, over the initial months of 2012 and 2013, I experienced some success as well as a small increased income.

In May 2013, I made more than £450; to me, this amount was good but not awesome! A huge section of that cash originated from a one time sale of a website which was among my first.

However; I was aware that it would take more work to do the same again and this would mean that my time was always going to be in high demand.

One element which has at all times appealed to me in regard to Internet Marketing was not these huge. Instant cash sales stories that circulate all over the internet about how easy it is and how you can work from anywhere or from any place if you wish…!

Writing Specifically for Success!

I did not specifically desire to invest all my time in any one place writing as well as working; however, I carried my laptop and made some updates, examined some statistics and remained in touch with my websites.

I believed it was quite macho for me to go out in the afternoon to explore, then return home and write one or two articles in the evening prior to retiring to bed.

But, I ensured I did not overwork on this. I gave priority to my vacation and simply wrote a little to maintain the progression and continuity of my sites.

I did not use up a lot of time worrying about things; I simply authored a fast blog post for one hour or more and proceeded with my vacation.

Generate Sufficiently Online

In spite of just writing one article or two for every website each week, once or twice in the course of my journey, I still was able to generate sufficiently online, to cater for my day to day fees (and a small amount remained).

To my thinking, this was remarkable as it signifies that as I go on with my online business, I am going to manage to raise this amount and it is my wish that it reaches a stage, where I am able to work from any place, so long as I possess a laptop and internet link.


It is apparent to you that this tale is not a big, “gosh, his success is astonishing!”  It however,  is a tale which entails, “examine the small attainments you can get and endeavour to develop them.”

All the best with your personal efforts and I hope you will do better one day!