Hello my name is Patrick and welcome to my website the home of Internet Affiliate Power dot com..!


Internet Affiliate Power, Where Great People Meet and Discuss Great Matters!

I have been working in the internet for many years, at first just as a hobby.

Later I started to build websites for friends, nothing to complicated just to give them a blog to see what it would do for themselves in their local area of business. Some turned out to be quite good for these people..!

Then I would be asked if I could this or that for them on the website?

More questions, ok do this for me…? and put up a few more pages and some extra content…?

From Small Beginning’s Mighty Oaks Grow..?

Before you know it, many people are asking me to build websites, and add emails so they can have their own email accounts. This was all good stuff when its just a hobby..?

I decided to get some courses for to do this thing, good and proper. I joined some good courses but, yes but? they never seamed to be complete or fulfil my ambition.

You see, my expectations when looking forward, where for great things to develop…!

Then I came across Wealthy Affiliate University, with a course to start for FREE…! and two free websites available to use as I seen fit, or to experiment with as much as I wished.

This seam to fit the bill for me and I was in and signed up.

From here I have now gained a lot of know how and experience and got to interact with a great community. Even seen some of my work, to be found on the first page of Google Search results..! now that in it self showed me, that this place was the correct one to be in.

You don’t believe me ..?

Google Page One Results

See I am here in the 4th position on Page One..?

I have now built this website to make some money from affiliate marking.

This would be the icing on the cake for me, if I could make enough commissions so that when I retire I do not feel the drop in income.

This factor along is a great motivator for me to make a great success of this website.

As there is MILLIONS of products available that you can promote as an affiliate, I hope to gain access to some of these companies to make sales of their products on a regular basis.

Kind regards,


Founder and creator of this website,