Online Affiliate BargainOnline Affiliate marketing is a way for a company to sell its product by signing companies or individuals (affiliates) who market the company product for a commission fee.

It has four main players: the brand for example, (which sells books, electronics etc.)The network such as Click Bank (which delivers lifestyle products created by a passionate entrepreneur to customers around the globe,) the affiliate (you) and the customer.
There are two ways to approach it; either you are offering an affiliate program for example Offer Vault (which is an online database of thousands of affiliate offers listed on more than 120 different online affiliate networks.) or you can sign up to be another business affiliate.

Merchants operating in some niches which are online friendly such as Amazon may see a better yield from affiliating market than others. A good affiliate is one who is able to reach the untapped market, the smarter the affiliate the more they are commissioned.

An affiliate does not sell the product he promotes it!

How to become a super affiliate, is not easy. It can be very profitable but it takes patience, wits, strategy and a lot of exploration. Below are my tips on how to become a successful affiliate.

Choose a Niche

Before even beginning a site, you need to figure out what is your target market. It is undoubtedly not an easy task. First you need to figure out what is your interest, probably cars then your choice should be car related then figure out which niche you have a possibility of making money from.

Ensure there is room for you in the niche, there are not too many affiliates, e.g. weight loss. Be sure you can make enough money and compete with the rest of them.

Research an Affiliate Program

After figuring out your niche, it is time to look for a program or network that considers your preferences. An affiliate program allows you to target the affiliate offers, you want to explore and return results from within seconds.

It takes time to choose the right program. Consider the type of merchant using this program, you may want to make sure other similar sellers are also using the network, as this can help you gauge your possibility of success with the particular program. Make sure you sign up for a program that is profitable and  can generate a sufficient return in an investment.

E.g. if using Click Bank, products should have over a 50% commission and have a high gravity; meaning that they are in demand. Let the goods that you are promoting be of good quality because they will be associated with you.

Lastly what support does the program give you? If it is not sufficient for you then it is not worth it.

Check on what affiliate program you can afford, for instance Offer Vault is usually free and it offers high quality service.

Build a site

Put research into action, Build Your Website if you don’t have one, and buy a domain name which is your username and ID.

There are several places to buy domain address. Host your domain, go for a reputable and reliable provider.

Install a content management system (CMS) WordPress is good for this and easy to use. Next up is to get a good theme that blends into your subject to give you the qualities that best cover your requirements, which also provides good styling for your Website or Blog.

After all this, you now have to create content for your website, it should be relevant to your target market.

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Yes that is right, you have read this correctly…!

Provide excellent content

Produce a unique and useful, high quality content. It should consist of product reviews and blog posts that address common problems, questions or issues relevant to your target market.

This is where the phrase; “content is king” came into place.

Build an audience

It follows naturally, once you have high quality contents that attracts audience. You can start by promoting products via social media through sharing the link and photos of the products and reviewing them. you can also do email marketing, you can push your content to the audience via emails.

Promote Affiliate Offers

Promote products that are relevant to your target market.

You can promote these product in a number of ways; through product review, banner ads, in-text content link, email promotions, discount and give away.
When promoting these products make sure you are familiar with the term and conditions of the affiliated program, and also make sure you have a disclaimer that informs your audience that you may have links that promotes affiliated offers.

Be Consistent in Your Work

Keep on doing all the steps above, and be willing to work and success will be your sibling.
Don’t hold back, be patient and put your all into it and in time you will be a super online affiliate.

Success is always directly dependent on the amount of time, money and affiliate’s effort in the promotion of products.